Online Team Building Activities for Globally-Spread and Newly Remote Teams

Looking for a globally-spread team?  Or for a team now working from home?

We can help however close or far your people are.

We have 5 great activities in our portfolio and each offers a different experience. They can all help you develop your virtual team's sense of identity, give your people fun experiences and deliver real team improvements. Each of our online team building activities has its own unique strengths.

Give your team something fun and engaging - and keep them connected.  Which of them is best for you?


Online scavenger hunt

Click to view MiniScavenge


An online scavenger hunt ... that's also an online treasure hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well. All wrapped up within a single web page.

A choice of 5 fabulous 3D scenes makes this our most popular activity and an ideal option for any geographically-spread team. Great fun with as much (or as little) team learning as best fits your needs.


Space Rescue

Online, flexible and for geographically-spread virtual teams

The 5 activities above fall into 2 categories:

  • Our automated activities
  • Our facilitated activities

Our automated activities are MiniTreasure, MiniScavenge and Space Rescue. None of these require our involvement, which keeps the cost down. That said, we're always available to help you set your session(s) up and help you maximize your group's experience.  These online team building activities typically run for between 15 minutes and 4 hours.

Our facilitated activities are Frontier and VirtuWall. With these, we're in there with your group. Helping them enjoy the activity and building a rapport with them. Essentially, we're with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most from your choice.  These are far more flexible time-wise and can run in anything from an hour to several months.

Whether your group has 2 locations or hundreds, whether it is spread across a single country or the entire globe, one or more of our online team building activities is probably going be just right for you.

Here's a feel for how they fit together:

Online team building activities Venn diagram